Time and space…

Have you ever been so tired when you went to bed that when you set the alarm clock, you didn’t realize that you had accidentally hit the “time” button at some point in the process, setting the actual time ahead by half an hour?

When I woke up this morning, I though I had overslept… until I realized that the clock was wrong. Looking at the trusty cell phone to find out the real time, it felt like I’d gotten a bonus, with an extra half hour on my side. That’s an interesting way to start the day…

Feeling  bit out of sorts, due to the time snafu, I sat down to my coffee and solitaire.

Have you ever played so fast, that the games seem to run into each other? My mind was racing, trying to plan my day, and I remembered a play from the last game, only to realize that it wasn’t a play I could make in the current game. Time and space seemed to be running into each other, so I had to slow down, and play with intention.

How do we slow down our minds, so we can focus on the here and now? A few deep breaths, closed eyes, and a determination to pay attention…

The next few games flowed easily, with a low score of 35 and a high score of 730. I was so focused that I saw the symmetry in one game. Across the board were the following lead cards:
K / 10 / K / 8 / K / 10 / K

An interesting layout, that eventually led to a winning game.

When we slow down and focus, we can often see things we might not have noticed before. And sometimes those things can reset the course of the day.

What’s in your cards today?




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