Always a poet, sometimes a songwriter,
Sunny Stephens has been a wordsmith all her life.

Sunny headshot 110113
Early influences include
Henry David Thoreau, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow,
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Arthur Miller, Og Mandino,
Kahlil Gibran, and Michel Quoist.

More recent influences include
Betty J. Eadie, James Redfield, Dan Millman,
Rosemary Altea, Stephen Levine, Maya Angelou,
MM Buckner, Wayne Muller, Mitch Albom, David Beavers,
Marianne Williamson, Danielle Steele, and Oriah Mountain Dreamer.

From creating marketing materials for a worldwide recruiting company,
to writing corporate annual reports,
assisting with copy for state grant proposals,
editing seminar manuals,
and powerpoint presentations for medical professionals,
to writing bios and press releases for music artists,
music reviews for a blues society magazine,
and the occasional song,
Sunny has always had a passion for the written word.

A song she co-wrote landed on a Grammy-nominated album.
And in 2014, the very first poem she wrote that was put to music,
which became EG Kight’s song “Blue Dawn,”
aired on ABC Family’s “The Fosters.”

And in September 2017, her story “Reaching Out”
appears in
Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams and the Unexplainable.

Check back often for new posts,
a mix of old and new writings,
and late breaking news.



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