My talent management/booking agency
I’m honored to represent some amazing talent.
Email me to book any of them for your event.

EG Kight’s publishing company
“Blue Dawn,” a song that EG and I co-wrote aired on ABC Family.
And another song we co-wrote landed on a Grammy-nominated album.
EG has had many artists record her songs, and several more aired on major TV networks.

And she has five songs in a movie that’s currently available on Amazon Prime.

Hale & Hearty, Inc.
I’m on the board of this Nashville-based film production support company, and serve as business manager.

I’m a founding board member of this U.S.-based nonprofit dedicated to improving the quality of life for those impacted by encephalitis.


My organization/office management company
For many years I have served clients in the Nashville area with home/office organization, child care, elder care, etc.
I also work in office management with several clients, maintaining financial records, and keeping the business moving.


Some of my friends whose work I admire

Shannon Fontaine – Photographer/musician/author
Photographer, musician, and father of two of my favorite people on the planet

Patricia Childs – Author/editor/copyright consultant
Owner of Panorama – 21st Century advertising and communications solutions

David Beavers – Author/speaker
Speaker, trainer and business coach with NSA, LLC, the maker of Juice Plus+

MM Buckner – Author
Her work has been published in five languages, and Barnes & Noble ranked “Watermind” in the Top Ten in its category

Beth Inglish – Songwriter/Visual artist/Business Coach
Founder of the Nashville Creative Group, Artist in Residence at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, Teaching Artist through TPAC Education, former Engagement Editor for The Tennessean, and Business Development Coach

John Wooley – Tulsa author/radio show host
As a result of his efforts on behalf of his state’s music and musical figures, Wooley became the first writer to be inducted into the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame. He was also an inductee into both the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame and the Oklahoma Cartoonists Hall of Fame, the latter for his comic-book writing.










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