“Don’t give up…”

“Don’t give up…”

I’ve been away from the news, and from social media, quite a bit lately. But I wanted to post this today, and ask for your prayers for continued healing for my friend.

Ten days ago my dear friend, EG Kight, was attacked by 3 dogs, while walking down the country road by her house, a road she’s walked for over 40 years…

I drove down the next day to help her in any way I could. Seeing the wounds, and hearing her recount the events, I’m amazed that she did all the right things to protect herself from further harm, and possible death, and how she seemed to have an invisible circle of protection around her. It is an absolute miracle that she’s alive…


As horrific as it’s been for her, she’s been overwhelmed, and often moved to tears, at the outpouring of love she’s received. She’s trying to keep up with the thousands of facebook comments, private messages, text messages, emails, and phone calls. And the cards and letters, and flowers and other gifts are still coming in…

In the midst of all this, I’m reminded of the power of faith, hope, and perseverance.

And I’m reminded of a song she wrote several years ago, whose lyrics hit so close to home right now.

©EG Kight / Georgia Songbird Music (BMI)

I know it’s looking dark on your side of the road
And you need someone to help lighten your load
Don’t give up, help is on the way
It’s right around the corner, have faith, don’t be afraid

You may be feeling lower than a rattlesnake
You’re crawling in the mud, can’t seem to find your way
Don’t give up, help is right around the bend
It won’t be long till you’re back on your feet again

Just give it to the Good Lord, He knows what to do
To lift your heavy burden, and take care of you
No matter where you are, or where you’ve been
Just take Him by the hand and let Him be your friend
Don’t give up, let the Good Lord do His thing
Before you know it, your spirit will be soaring again

You can lose patience when you’re tired of the fight
nd you don’t see no relief in sight
He knows that you’re hurtin’ and so confused
Just give it all to the Lord and turn it loose
Don’t give up, just let Him do His thing
Soon your spirit will be soaring again

Don’t give up, Don’t give up
Just let the Good Lord do His thing
Don’t give up, Don’t give up
Soon your spirit will be soaring again

EG loves to entertain, and inspire her audiences. Who knew that one day her own lyrics would lift her up, and remind her to not give up, and that “soon her spirit will be soaring again.”

Click below to hear her sing it.



How many tries does it take?

Solitaire can be a stress reliever, or for some, a stress inducer….

I’ve been playing on the mornings when I have time, but those are fewer and farther between.
I enjoy the game, and the “slow down” time it affords me, so today I was determined to play.
Allowing myself 15 minutes, I started, and was pleased with the first score of 698.
Not bad for a first try.
Then the second game had a score of 718, then 643.
Odd scores, don’t you think?

Yes, I admit to hitting the “undo” button, to possibly help the game move along, and quite possibly to help me achieve a better score.
And a couple of times, I was going too fast, and realized, after I had turned the next group of 3 cards over, that I had a play on the last one. So I hit “undo” and made the play.
We lose points when we “undo” a play, or a turn of the cards.
But sometimes losing points is okay, and we just move on…

The day had just begun, and already it was going too fast.
But going back, starting again with a fresh play, didn’t seem to bother me.
A Virgo, typically, I want it to be right the first time.
But for some reason, today I allowed myself to stop, go back and rework it, and still I won.

Does it matter how we get to the end result?

It isn’t about perfection. It’s about trying, and trying again, and doing our best to meet our goals.

After all, it took 40 tries to come up with just the right formula for WD-40.

WD-40 cans“It was developed in 1953 by Dr. Norm Larsen, founder of the Rocket Chemical Company, in San Diego, California. WD-40, abbreviated from the phrase “Water Displacement, 40th formula,” was originally designed to repel water and prevent corrosion, and later was found to have numerous household uses. Larsen was attempting to create a formula to prevent corrosion in nuclear missiles, by displacing the standing water that causes it. He claims he arrived at a successful formula on his 40th attempt.”